Rising Tides is a four-part documentary series in which internationally acclaimed photography journalist Kadir van Lohuizen investigates the consequences of the rising sea level.
How do people deal with that threat? What sacrifices do they make – and have they made? Which measures are being taken – or should be taken? In his quest to find answers and solutions Kadir takes his audience from Greenland to Jakarta, from New York to Bangladesh, from the Netherlands to the Marshall Islands and from the Fiji Islands to Miami. Cities and regions that at first sight, seem to have little to do with each other, but that are connected by that one terrifying vision: a world slowly disappearing under rising tides.

Director: Martijn Blekendaal

Research: Hans Dortmans en Lies Janssen

Producer: Witfilm
Broadcaster: NTR, 2020

Photo: Kadir van Lohuizen