In late 2019, at the age of 22, Arie takes his own life. No one saw it coming, not even his younger brother Gijs and his parents. It is the start of an unreal and confusing period for the family, as they try to understand what drove Arie to his death. Did they fail to notice any signs? How could there be a side to Arie they had no idea existed? And why didn’t he confide his dark thoughts to them?
Emerging from the depths of the grieving process, Gijs and his parents discover more and more about his brother’s mental state and the heavy feelings he had been struggling with for some time.
The film offers a very intimate look at the lives of the family members left behind, who, full of confusion, sadness, but also humour and hope, try to pick up their lives again.
Director: Mercedes Stalenhoef
Scriptcoach: Lies Janssen

Zeppers film / EO, 2023