Documentary about a group of Dutch army veterans with PTSD. Honest and vulnerable, they talk about their demons and their struggle to connect with society. Roy is battle ready. Always. Sometimes in the supermarket, he’s taking positions like he was on the battlefield. He struggles with chronic PTSD, the result of his military missions in Afghanistan. Peter has served as paramedic on many missions and recognizes the fear in a veteran’s eyes. Jaap meditates and sings to keep his ‘murderous lust’ under control. ‘Mission First!’, they were always told. If they couldn’t deal with it, they’d better toughen up. Many lost their families and fled into alcohol or drug addiction, violence or suicidal thoughts. Stuck in regular psychological help, they struggle with work and housing.
Together with other veterans, the men find help and a shelter in a place in the woods called The Home Base, founded and run by other veterans.
Regie: Marjoleine Boonstra
Research and script: Marjoleine Boonstra en Lies Janssen
Broadcaster Human 2023.

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