Amsterdam’s fire brigades are in transition: they need to become more diverse and accessible to both women and people from diverse backgrounds. Will commander Gerrie Koning manage to move with his men into a new era?

The veterans feel the fire service, as it was,and what they stand for, slipping away between their fingers. Increasingly, Gerrie’s ideas, for which he is so committed, are teetering with the new policies. Opposed to the old guard is the corps leadership that is unwilling to compromise: patterns of the past are ruthlessly cast aside. While out and about, the firefighters and an occasional woman, are back among themselves and can put aside for a moment their worries about the future of their fire brigade. Will Gerrie manage to keep count and navigate between his men and the corps leadership?  Under Gerrie’s inspired direction, Brandmeester shows the sometimes painful reality of culture change. 

Director: Saskia Gubbels
Scriptcoach: Lies Janssen

Producer: Tangerine Tree
Broadcaster: Human, 2023

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